here is the short version:

1: Big tip: the best tasks are on the top of the list.
2: we can't refund tasks not paid, because we also don't get paid.
3: the lower on the list you are the longer the tasks take or the more unreliable they are
4: Read the technical tips on the bottom to prevent tracking issues interfering with your Coin payout.
5: sometimes we get cheated by our advertisers who just don't pay us for some of the tasks you complete. We try to filter out these offers as fast as possible or mark them as unreliable.

Now the long version:
Note: tasks lower on the list - especially the ones with high Coins - either take longer to complete or sometimes they don't pay out, because the advertiser is cheating us or something in the tracking went wrong. We kick out the tasks, if we see it not working.

However, we can't refund tasks for which you don't get the Coins, because we also don't get paid for it. We're working on getting better tasks on board and distinguishing the top tasks from the ones which only sometimes work. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Most of the time the tasks work and give Coins. But sometimes they don't.

Do the following to increase the chance to get coins:
* You HAVE TO be new to the task. If you have done it before, even on a different service - you probably won't get the Coins for it
* DON'T switch networks (for example from Wifi to mobile network) between click and start
* Make sure that you didn't complete the task before with the same advertising id
* Follow the instructions
* Don't let too much time pass between clicking the task, starting and finishing it.
* Sometimes you need to signup or complete a tutorial or a couple of levels to get your coins

In general, don't spend more than 2 minutes for simple "download" an offer. Sometimes it just takes a couple of hours until the advertising networks send us the message that the offer was completed. We'll send you a push notification once it's finished.

If you want to start over with a fresh account, you can reset your advertising identifier, delete PocketFlip and all the apps you've downloaded so far. However, all your previous Coins will be lost.